For Birchwood International to profit, our clients must do so firstly and in a manner that is wholly satisfactory to them.

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The services provided by Birchwood International to our clients are designed to fully support our role as a wealth management firm by assisting and benefiting our clients in all aspects of their financial outlook. We do this by working across all viable markets and geographical locations with our understanding of diverse business operations at all levels of commerce. By avoiding becoming dependent on a small or niche sector of investment, Birchwood International is able to benefit our clients from opportunities in the following diverse areas:

  • Energy
  • Industrial
  • Materials
  • Mining & Metals
  • Technology
  • Medicine & Pharmaceuticals

By delivering the highest possible returns from a broad array of investment types on the global markets, we constantly evaluate these investments in terms of their inherent risk focusing on the following aspects:

  • Portfolio crafting and asset purchasing
  • Asset analysis, allocation and adjustment
  • Asset divestiture and deleveraging strategies
  • Managed and leveraged buyouts
  • Mergers and Acquisitions, with focus on integration strategy
  • Monitoring and performance evaluation of portfolio structures
  • Private Equity investments from early stage to public trading


There are no hidden fees attached for consultations, account management and changes to portfolio composition with any Birchwood International portfolio. We have a standard fixed rate of 1% attached to the initial purchase and final sale of any security handled by us on your behalf.

Alterations to any accounts are not conducted to generate commissions and as a client of Birchwood International you can be assured that any changes conducted are in order to grow the value of your portfolio as we generate no charges for this service or for any consultation.


Opening a trading account with Birchwood International and starting work on securing your financial health and future well-being could not be easier. To get started:

  • Simply call or email our diligent administrative staff and have them send you our easy to complete account opening documentation package. If at any stage you have any questions or require assistance completing the forms, our helpful administrative team is ready to assist you in any way required.
  • Return your completed account opening documentation by email to the supplied address.
  • Once it is received by our administrative staff, we will confirm receipt with you and schedule a convenient time and date for you to conduct a personal introduction and trading interview between you and your advisor.
  • Your advisor is assigned to you and your portfolio for the duration of your investment partnership with us at Birchwood International. They can always be relied upon to answer any questions you may have, as well as ensuring that you are receiving all the information you need to make the right choices regarding your portfolio structure.
  • During the interview stage your advisor will seek a clear understanding of your financial goals, aspirations and requirements of your portfolio, while also seeking your input to provide a bespoke investment plan.

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