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It is our most sincere belief that our team here at Birchwood International, is the best possible representation of excellence in the financial services community. Our dedicated team of highly skilled professionals are all self-motivated and determined to ensure the value and quality of their advice brings all our clients financial success. Our team brings together a very diverse talent pool totaling over 250 years of real world knowledge and experience across the many varied disciplines of investment.

As a client of Birchwood International, you will be benefiting from a team that has the ability to accurately forecast investment outcomes and implement strategies to capitalize on these.

Our team has an unrivalled network of business and government partnerships worldwide and these relationships have proven themselves time and time again as invaluable resources for our clients.



Our Aim

  • For Birchwood International to deliver constant and dependable growth to our clients’ financial position through secure and practical risk management.

Our Mission

  • Deliver superior returns regardless of market and prevailing conditions.
  • Deliver truly economical services on even the most complex of proposals.
  • Deliver global performance with a regional understanding.
  • Work to a strict and uncompromising code of conduct.
  • Build and maintain strong relationships to benefit our client’s business needs.

Our Values

  • The interests of the client are paramount and overriding of all other considerations.
  • Ensure that all clients are treated impartially regardless of investment level.
  • Meet all commitments in a timely and satisfactory manner whilst always seeking to exceed expectations.
  • Ensure that our corporate strategy is one of efficiency, originality and dependability.
  • Never rest on our laurels as our reputation is based on the services we provide on demand.

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