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We seek out and carefully scrutinize investments from a broad range of markets and possibilities to meet our exacting standards. We then work closely in conjunction with our clients to select the most suitable of these options to create an individual specific structure. This structure is made to be fully compliant with our clients own requirements regarding risk, return, duration and other personal considerations.

Once created, this portfolio is subject to constant analysis and adjustment to ensure that investment earning potential remains high and risk analysis is closely monitored with the client’s stated threshold. All of this is carefully reported to the client in a timely manner to ensure they are completely up to date on their investment’s status.

We have always recognized that our clients are placing a great deal of their trust and financial capital with us and we need them to understand that we acknowledge and respect their faith in us.

The degree to which we conduct our due diligence gives ourselves and our clients’ complete understanding of the selected investments financial health and future performance. From this we are able to place before our clients only the very best opportunities. The most vital factor to Birchwood International’s successful investments is due to the strong, professional partnerships that we form with our clients.

We regularly update and consult with our clients to ensure that both parties are in agreement with all the aspects of the investment and address any differences that may arise as quickly as possible.

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