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Based in Hong Kong, Birchwood International is one of the world’s foremost providers of high quality professional financial advice to institutions and high net worth individuals in the fields of investment strategy and regime implementation strategy.

Birchwood International has a well-established track record of reliable analysis and real world application strategies to assist in furthering the goals of our clients. We provide a comprehensive range of services to allow clients to maximize the full potential from every facet of their investment portfolio. This includes Mergers and Acquisitions, Portfolio Construction and Management and early stage Initial Public Offering (IPO) consultation.

We have assisted with large scale mergers, designed successful public trading strategies and helped clients with a wide financial range of opportunities to optimize their portfolio holdings.

Since Birchwood International’s formation, our goal has simply been to provide the very best in all aspects of investment advice and implementation on behalf of our clients. We believe that this is exactly what we have done over the years.

Our dedicated team of highly skilled consultants have brought with them a wealth of experience and a proven track record in delivering the following goals to our clients’ portfolios:

•    Optimizing portfolios across the full spectrum of the investment landscape.
•    Returning profitable portfolios whilst adhering to clearly defined risk management protocols.
•    Constant and ongoing evaluation of investment performance in ever changing marketplaces.
•    Well formulated investment strategies in proven real world application.
•    Experienced handling of all stages of corporate negotiation and contractual procedure.
•    Utilize and establish business networks and professional alliances that can benefit our clients.
•    Experience to restructure and maximize existing third party investment portfolios.

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